Saturday, November 19, 2016

Holiday Craft Fair 2016

Whoo hoo, it's that time of year again! :)

This is the fourth year I've done this craft show (2012, 2013, 2015) and by far, the best one!  I was so grateful for the nice weather outside to encourage folks to be out and about. Everyone that stopped by my table was so nice. Most of the comments I got were "OMG, so cuteee!" Ha ha. I recouped my table fee in the first 30 minutes and then $149 after that. Look at that, people DO still care about snail mail! :)  The other awesome thing is that I didn't really make that many cards to prepare for the craft fair; I had lots of inventory left over from last year. I will definitely have to restock to prepare for next year though!

The wind definitely picked up at the tail end of the craft fair, so I retreated back into my introvert bubble...complete with a bowl of ramen, a Harry Potter marathon on tv and kitty cuddles on the couch.


June K said...

Congrats on a good craft fair.

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