Monday, July 26, 2010


Well, the weekend was quite eventful. On Saturday, I cranked out approximately 40 origami dress cards, in an effort to increase my inventory for the Fall/Winter craft fair season. I learned my lesson from last year. Don't wait until the last minute to work on cards!

On Sunday, I ran errands in the morning and when I was just about to work on cards in the afternoon, a HUGE storm came by and knocked out our power! Noooo. It was still out when I left the house this morning for a dental appointment. I've decided that not having power in the summer is worse that not having power in the winter, because at least in the winter, you could always put more blankets on and perhaps food wouldn't spoil as quickly. The drives to the dentist and to the office were a little frustrating with many of the major traffic lights out and people not stopping at the intersections. I also found out that the phone at the house is not working either. Good thing I still have my cell phone. I'm crossing my fingers, hoping that things will be better when I go home today.


Silver Rose said...

Oh wow...I agree that being cold is better than being hot, although we went without power in the winter for a few days and I didn't think I could possibly wear more clothes than I did then! lol...and 40 cards, that's awesome!

ModredVintage said...

I hate power outages, the lights are horrible. It's amazing how much we take for granted until something goes wrong.

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