Wednesday, July 28, 2010

One-Layer Wednesday #14


Did you hear that from wherever you are on Planet Earth? That's the sound of me rejoicing that the electricity is back on at the house. I was about to go a little crazy with sleeping in the heat and all that. The AC came back on around 1:30 AM, and I immediately woke up. I did the first thing that any person without internet at home for a few days would do. Yep, check email, both personal and work. What? I didn't want to miss something important. Oh, come on. Like you'd do something different.

Thanks to the power company people for working hard to restore power to the neighborhood and the police for staying out in the heat to direct traffic so we drivers wouldn't run into each other.

While waiting out the blackout the last few days, I did manage to read a book: Kelly Corrigan's The Middle Place. I had seen her on The Today Show not too long ago, promoting her newest book, Lift, and she seemed like a pretty cool person, so I checked out her book from the library. The Middle Place was about Corrigan's battle with breast cancer while also dealing with her father's battle with bladder cancer. I appreciated that she told her story with a mix of both candor and humor. I found myself smiling in some instances, while also feel my heart clench during the emotional moments. I'd recommend the book for anyone who's looking for a quick heartfelt read.

Ahhh...back to the cardmaking routine. How I miss thee. Ok, down to business. The one layer card challenge today focused on using an outline stamp on a square card. I picked up a set of lovey-dovey stamps and saw that there were heart outline stamps. I was tempted to do something with the top half of the card, but decided against it in the end. Everything was balanced nicely at the bottom of the card. No point in messing that up. (pause) Oh, crap. I forgot to clean one of the stamps and a little of the red ink rubbed off on the back of the card. Oh well, I'll have to find a way to recycle this card to use in another one. Perhaps tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Card Specs:
Ink: Colorbox chalk ink in Chestnut Roan, Rouge, Warm Red
Stamp: K.I. Memories- Crazy Love (all)
Punch: We R Memory Keepers Corner Chomper


mustavcoffee said...

Great card, just perfect for the simplicity OLW challenge.
So glad you have your AC back on, sort of wish we needed it over here in the UK:)

Susan said...

Perfect card for the challenge! And, about the air condition...I feel for you!!! We were without power for 14 days after Hurrican Ivan...and it was HOT!

Abounding Treasures said...

A lovely card :o)

Susan Raihala said...

What a lovely card! I'm so glad you left it as it...the white space at the top is perfect!

Happy AC!

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