Saturday, July 9, 2016

Rest Day and the Secret Life of Pets

I knew that Julie was not going to want to go to CrossFit this morning, and I wasn't sure what Maria was going to do until she texted this morning. Nope for her too. If she was going to go, I would have gladly gone to be her partner in the partner WOD, but that's okay. Having a full rest day today is fine by me!

My plan today was to go see "The Secret Life of Pets," go to Ulta and DSW and get a milkshake (I got a strawberry one after the movie). Ok, so the movie was just meh. I've seen 2 other animated movies this summer (Zootopia and Finding Dory), and I would choose Zootopia over the other two. The previews made it seem better than it was. Darn marketing. I did like Chloe the cat though (I know, shocking...).

Today will be an exercise in stepping outside the makeup comfort zone. This dark purple color is *way* too pretty to be only worn once a year (Halloween). Lip color: Sephora lip cream stain in Polished Purple. Unfortunately, the liquid lipstick fell out of my pocket as I was leaving the theater. I thought something had, but it didn't dawn on me until I got home. Wah. Fortunately, Sephora's not far away if I wanted to go pick it up. It's more of a fall color anyway.


June K said...

Love it. Really nice pic of you (and of RJ, too).

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