Friday, July 15, 2016

CrossFit Test Week Summary

This week was test week at my CrossFit gym, which means that we tested our 1 rep max for each of the 4 lifts that we've been working on this strength cycle.

Power snatch (Monday): I PR'ed at 65 lbs! I had to try three times to get it, but I was looking at the clock. I have 4 minutes until we have to do the WOD. I was going to use up all the time I have available to get it and I did.

Back squat (Tuesday): I maxed out at 115 lbs. This was not a PR. I did 145 back in February, but with my back injury in March, I didn't want to push it. Maybe I'll be able to get body weight back squat in the next strength cycle it's featured in.

Push jerk (Wednesday): I PR'ed at 115 lbs. This was big because the most I've been able to lift above my head was 105 lbs, so adding 10 lbs feels like a valid accomplishment. I tried for 120 lbs but only got halfway.

Pull-ups (Thursday): I was able to do one with a purple band. This day was more exciting for my sister because she was able to meet her 2016 goal of doing an unassisted pull-up. Yay! The coach asked her to try for another one, and her arms were stuck about halfway. Hah, well, there's always the next challenge.

My coworker Michelle and her kid (my banana pudding sous chef. Some of you might remember her from Craft Time with Tina) visited a notepad making factory. She gave me one from their trip. It’s great to put in my purse. The oyster on the cover is also raised, which is a cool texture effect. Bonus: the pages are perforated!

This same coworker/friend asked me if I could water her vegetable garden while her family is at the beach next week. “Tina’s going to water our veggies and I’m going to make her macaroni and cheese.” Sous chef says that that’s a *really* good deal. Well, of course it is! I don't like the feeling of taking money from friends. Acquaintances, maybe, but not friends.

Her little brother piped in, “Tina come to beach?!”

 No, sorry. I wish, little buddy.


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