Thursday, August 18, 2016

Jacksonville, Day 2

Becoming best friends with Lilly the cat turned out to be a bad decision. Page kicked her out of her room and since I left mine cracked, Lilly came to wake me up for breakfast at around 6 AM, just like RJ. Ugh, I went on vacation to escape the early wake-up calls. What's even worse was that she attacked my feet through the thin blankets and she has very sharp claws, so yeah, now I have marks on my feet. I got up to feed her and then went back to my room. I must have dozed off because my phone alarm woke me up. Page had an appointment this morning and I vaguely remember her saying that she had to be out of the house by 8:30 AM. I felt like I was back in college, except I wasn't shooing her to get to class, "Page! You have to get up! You have an appointment!" She quickly changed and zoomed out of the house.
I waited around for her brother, Brightman, who was taking a yoga class this morning. He came to pick me up and we drove to the beach. He told me more about his El Camino hike and his girl issues, while Page was at her appointment. Everyone met back up at Page's house and then we went lunch at a diner-ish place. We also went to a nearby gallery because Brightman was interested in buying some art at some point and the gallery was going to be moving soon so the owner was willing to cut him a deal. We also paid Page's grandfather a visit. Wow, his house is huge! I was surprised that he remembered me and my family from graduation, 11 years ago!
This evening, the three of us went to see Page's father and he took us on a 30 minute boat ride to a fish camp (a restaurant where you could ride your boat and dock it). The restaurant was very interesting. They had a live alligator in an enclosure, eek. It was also decorated with lots of taxidermy animals, double eek. The food was delicious. I tried fried alligator (there was a lot of batter, so I didn't taste much of the meat) and got the fried scallop platter. Yum! The boat ride back was so nice with the sun setting and the cooler weather. :)


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