Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Jacksonville, Day 1

Hooray, time for a much needed vacation! It's not going to be a long one, but it'll be nice to get away for a little bit. I'm off to Jacksonville, Florida to visit my friend from undergrad Page. She purchased a house there, and I'll be hanging out with her until Sunday morning. It'll be an added bonus if I can see her brother (he was a freshman when we were seniors) and her father.  Page's mom, unfortunately, passed away back in the fall after a long battle with breast cancer, so it'll be nice to see how the family is doing.

After a short flight, Page picked me up at the airport and we went immediately to her brother's apartment high-rise. Wow, his place was decorated so nicely, like something out of a magazine. I was really impressed. And then I remember, ok, yes, Brightman is now an adult, not some college freshman anymore. It's appropriate for him to have nice matching, grown-up furniture.

The three of us walked over the bridge and towards Sweet Pete's, a confectionery. Wow, looking at all the different types of candy was a little overwhelming! We ended up getting a few boxes, and each of us got one of those specialty sodas. I went with grape, but they had things like bacon-flavored soda for anyone who's brave enough to try it. We took the skyway train back to the car and then Brightman drove us to dinner. I had a crab pasta dish that was delicious!
Then it was off to Page's place. She had given me a tour via FaceTime, but it was cool to see it in person. Her roommate was out-of-town for my visit, so we had some one-on-one time. I got my own room and bathroom, so that was really nice too.  OH, and her kitty is all grown up!


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