Monday, August 1, 2016

Office Potluck Success

My hope was that I'd come home with an empty tray of banana pudding and enough dumplings leftover for dinner tonight, and mission accomplished. Other items that people brought in from the potluck were: deviled eggs, challah (OMG, this was my favorite!), shepherd's pie (also very good!), some sort of African rice, etc. There were also some sort bought desserts, but meh, not very exciting. I did have one of the red velvet truffles that someone brought in. It was tasty, but very rich. I'm glad I had the self control to have just one!
I set aside some dumplings and scooped up the last of the banana pudding to save for my coworker's kids (my banana pudding sous chef and her little brother). My coworker uploaded a video to my Facebook of them saying "Thank you, Tina!" OMG, yes! With that much cuteness and good manners, I will totally make you more in the future! 


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