Monday, December 3, 2012

2012 Craft Show #3 and a Good Etsy Day

Craft show: On Saturday, I did my 3rd and last craft show of the season.  I had been looking forward to it all season because I think it's my third time doing it (they didn't do one last year due to construction, but I'm glad they made a come back!).  The table fee is low, and the people that run it are always super nice.  I got a few people that said, "Oh, I bought cards from you last time.  I'm so glad that you came back!"  I was irked that there were some people that were selling things that came out of plastic bags.  I was suspicious that they were not handmade, but after further inspection, the crafts are handmade in another country (places in South America and Vietnam) and sold at the show.  Yes, that's handmade, but not handmade by the vendor.  Not the same...

Good Etsy Day: I woke up to a sale today.  The extra Stampin' Up sets that I got by accident at some crafty yard sales sold, so I made a little profit there and someone else can enjoy them.  Then I sold an elephant happy birthday card. AND THEN, I got a custom order for 10 origami dress cards from someone that I met at the 2nd craft show that I did season.  Whoo hoo.  The order's done, so now all we need to do is arrange for pick-up and payment.  Extra money in my pocket, woot!


cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

You are doing great on Etsy...kukos!!

Could I ask a question? I have been on Etsy since 08...sales have not been that great. Since Thursday I have not been able to list anything, I fill out the listing, pictures, description, price and all, go to press the preview listing and nothing happens. (the circle goes round and round)

I emailed Etsy and they said I needed to either up grade the browser I have, or download a new browser (I have internet explorer and Google Chrome and it seems neither one works with Etsy)......what one are you using and have you had any problems lately with listing???

I am a little afraid of having so many browsers, thinking if I can list anymore cards I just may have to let my cards expire and fold up my table on etsy....if I can't list that means no sales......kinda bummed.

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