Friday, December 7, 2012

Life of Pi

Life of Pi: Taking yesterday and today off from work has worked out really nicely.  I took my parents' to go see Life of Pi at the movie theater.  The director is Taiwanese, so of course, they were interested.  The fact that it was mentioned in Time Magazine's 10 best movies of 2012 didn't hurt either.  While I thought the cinematography was amazing, the movie was too deep for me.  You know, like parents dying, feelings of isolation and abandonment, hanging out in the middle of the ocean with a tiger that probably hates your guts...yikes.  The moral of the story being how there's always something in life that you might not like, but you have to deal with anyway is a good lesson though. 

Banana Bread: I had 5 bananas that looked like they were at the end of their life span.  Fortunately, it was the exact amount that I needed to make some banana bread. I followed this recipe, and added chocolate chips because everything is better with chocolate, in my opinion.  Like the pumpkin chocolate chip pound cake that I've baked before, this banana bread is quite dense, but quite yummy.  I'm glad that I'll be seeing some friends tomorrow so that I can share this loaf with them.


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