Friday, December 21, 2012

Make Your Own Envelopes

Hello, ignored Blogosphere.  It's been a weird week.  Monday was the only day that I was in the office this week.  Tuesday, I decided to work from home because I was feeling off.  Wednesday, I was feeling even worse- earache, headache, sore throat.  Seriously, I was a hot mess.  I was a little nervous that I had an ear infection in my right ear because it was hurting and my hearing in that ear was off.  I thought only little babies got ear infections?!  WTH.  Fortunately, my pharmacy student friend reassured me that it'll probably go away in a few days and to drink lots of fluids.  Thursday and today were already blocked off as vacation days, so I decided to keep them anyway and spend lots of time immobile and on the couch with RJ. 

I'm feeling lots better much better that I even went to spin class this morning and my parents' house, and ran some errands.  Tonight, I worked on making some envelopes for some gift card holders by utilizing my Martha Stewart scoring board.  This site helped me with the patterned paper measurements and where to score.

RJ is unamused by all of this.  As usual.


cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Was wondering where you were, kinda thought maybe you weren't feeling well. Sounds like we had the same bug, taking a few days of R & R is the best medicine.

Like those envelopes, shall have to try making some in the new year.

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