Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Custom Order Update

So...yesterday, I told you about the custom order that I received and finished.  Amazingly, today, I was able to meet up with the buyer and do the exchange. I think that promptness is important and appreciated in the buyer and shop owner relationship.  And while I don't expect it to be within 24 hours, I appreciate that she was available after work to pay me for the cards that I made.

I made a tray of brownies on Monday night...and right now, there are like 3 pieces left.  Thank goodness there are people around that will take them off my hands!  Of course, I had to eat some of them for quality assurance purposes.

Speaking of baking, I sent out a cookie exchange email across the organization this afternoon.  Many people accepted the calendar invite, so that was encouraging.  Hopefully that translates to people actually bringing stuff in 2 weeks from now.


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