Thursday, December 27, 2012

Post-Christmas Shenanigans

"At the office": Today's feature film in the conference room was Casino Royale (I brought it in, tee hee).  Gotta have me some Daniel Craig.  I still can't decide if I enjoy this movie more than Skyfall; they are both so good!

After Christmas Sales: I would have gone looking for post-Christmas sales on Wednesday, but with the wintery weather that came though, that would not have been a good idea.  I did hit up the mall after work today and found Christmas candy 30% off at Target (I got several packages of white chocolate peppermint M&Ms) and a top from New York and Company at 70% off.  I was going to get some lotion from Bath and Body Works, but the line was longer than I was wanting to wait in.  Julie informed me that curry rice was on the menu for dinner at the house, so of course, I did not want to be late!


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