Tuesday, September 18, 2012

In Search of Restful Sleep

Last week, I wasn't sleeping well because I had weird dreams like going back to school. (Yikes. Really? No, thanks.)

Yesterday, I had someone from my past try to contact me. I have ignored all of his attempts to contact me in the last 3 years. Since I still have no desire to interact with this person, like ever again, I went ahead and blocked him on my IM. Too bad it's not as easy to block thoughts out of my head, and I went to bed feeling frustrated about the situation.

Why can't the past stay in the past? Was the silence not loud enough for you? Go. Away.

If this happens again, I might have to resort to some sort of nasta-gram (that's what my big boss calls a mean email).

Song of the day: "Me and My Friends"- Tim Myers. This is the song in the recent Target TV commercial.


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