Saturday, October 6, 2012

2012 Craft Show #1

Today was my first craft show of the season.  I wasn't sure if I was even going to do one this year because vendor fees are so expensive and it takes me forever to just break even.  However, this opportunity popped up unexpectedly when a lady contacted me through Etsy.  She was looking for vendors for a school family event celebrating the St. John the Baptist School's 50th Anniversary Celebration.  The fee was going to be $75 or 10% of what I made to help defray the cost of the family events.  Oh, 10%, perfect.  That's an awesome deal. 

This was quite an impressive event: 3 horses were available for horseback riding, clown, 2 caricaturists, 3 food trucks (bbq, snowcones, cupcakes), face painting, rock climbing wall, bouncy castle, games, etc.  There weren't many vendors, but the crafts that were showcases were cool: magnet boards, hairbows, doll clothes that were replicas of the school's uniform, illuminated initial art (like in the bible), and jewelry.

Funny story #1: Several people asked me if I was a parent at the school.  Um, no, I'm not a parent.  After I thought about it, the question made sense since this event was being held at a school.

Funny story #2: A little boy with a $20 in his hand came up to me and bought a card. I was a little hesitant in selling him something because hello, where did you get that money?  "Do you know who you're going to give the card to?" "No, I just like buying stuff." Hah, honest answer.  I was putting away his money and writing a note to myself and when I looked up, he was back.  "My mom wants another one of those cards."  I points at a lady across the way.  Ah, his mom was the magnet board vendor.

I ended up making about $150 after handing in my vendor fee.  Not too bad for sitting at my table for 3 hours.  Some of the things that I thought wouldn't sell actually sold, so that was a pleasant surprise.  I was thankful that the weather held up, whew!

My night ended with Meg and Robyn coming over for girl time with pizza and The Avengers.


Luster Canyon said...

Sounds like a great show, glad you made money on top of your vendor fees...good luck to your future season shows. :)

June K said...

Congrats, Tina. Good net earnings for length of time you were there.

cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Not a bad day $50 an hour???? Now you get to invest that $$$$ into NEW STUFF!!!! Yay for you and you have lots of new go girl!!!

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