Thursday, October 18, 2012

Shoe Fail

I bought some heel inserts yesterday to prevent my feet from slipping out of these cute pair of heels that I have.  I wore the heel inserts for probably 2 hours today before I realized that I had wasted $7 on them.  I went back to DSW near my work this afternoon to see if it'd be possible to get my money back if I brought my receipt tomorrow.  The lady was like "Ok, just this one time..."  What?  Are you keeping track?  ::eye roll:: I decided to try another DSW that's close to my gym, and it was almost like the sales clerk knew what my problem was.  "Oh, yeah. I know they don't work because I tried them myself."  She gave me my money back without making a stink about it.  Yay for understanding customer service.

FYI, the heel inserts that I bought that didn't work are from the brand Apara.


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