Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

Yard Sale Finds: I was so excited to go to the Annual "Attic in the Street" event this year.  It's basically a block long yard sale that happens in a neighborhood that near my parents' house.  I came away with 3 pieces of artwork and a decorative tile piece.

Funny story #1: I walked by the guy that had the floral pieces and asked him how much the artwork was.  He said $10.  I said thanks and continued to walk around to see what the other tables had.  I walked by the artwork again and asked him if he'd cut me a deal if I bought two pieces.  "$25."  What?!  How is that a deal?  I reminded him that he told me that each one was $10 a few minutes ago.  I guess he was confused as to which two pieces I was looking to buy.  He settled on $15.  SOLD!

Funny story #2: I was eyeing a red beaded necklace.  I even picked it up to take a closer look and knew that I made a mistake when I put it down because the lady next to me bought it for $4!  Ugh, the downfalls of second guessing yourself!

Girl time: I went to Alexandria with Meg and Robyn to help Robyn do some bridesmaid dress shopping.  Gee, wasn't that a humbling experience!  Since they didn't have dresses in Robyn's size, I was the stand-in.  Even though I can usually do a size 10 or 12, the dresses at the store definitely ran small because there was no way I could fit in a 10 and a 12 was tight in some areas.  The store attendants weren't really all that great, but at least Robyn was able to get her measurements and she can get the dress somewhere else.  We ended up getting Italian food at a nearby restaurant (check out my thing of ice tea, wow!) and then hanging out at Robyn's place for the rest of the afternoon...until dinner time, when we went to get BBQ.  This place redeemed themselves, since last time, they ran out of pork!  The GW Parkway northbound was closed, so I had to find another way home and at one point, the traffic was SO bad.  When I got closer, I noticed that it was because of a car accident. A huge black SVU was totally smashed and pointing in the wrong direction and there was glass everywhere.  Yikes.


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