Friday, October 17, 2014

Cat Food Refill

I stopped by the vet's office to get a refill on his prescription cat food.  (I mean, really?  Is prescription cat food necessary?  Sigh, I guess whatever it takes to prevent crystals from forming again...).

The receptionist took one look at me and I could sense concern.  "Oh, he's fine!  Don't worry!  I'm just here to get some more of his cat food!" I said.  "Oh, whew!  I was a little worried there!!"

One of the vet technicians was trying to get a dog into the exam room with some resistance.  "How's RJ?"  Looks like RJ made a lasting impression on the folks there. :)

After that, I went to CVS armed with $15 Extra Care Bucks (I only used $10 of them).  I came out with 2 Revlon lip liners to try (one in wine and one in red) and 3 things of candy (Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids for Julie and a thing of Milk Duds for myself).
Then I went to my parents' house to catch up with my family. My aunt and uncle also stopped by to catch up too. Mom and Dad recapped on their recent vacation to Taiwan/Japan (well, this was part 1 of their vacation recap because their trip was a month long and it was getting late!).


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