Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Trip to the Vet

I came home to a very sick cat.  Julie and I walked through the door on Sunday and were unpleasantly surprised when we found out that RJ had thrown up several times while I was gone.  Vomiting has never been a thing that I worried about in him.  (Biting and scratching up the furniture?  Ok, maybe...).  I noticed that there wasn't much to clean up in the litter box.  I also gave him some canned food and he was not interested.  He did pee a little before I went to bed so I was hoping things would magically get better when I woke up on Monday. 

Nope, they didn't.

I scooped him up first thing Monday morning and took him to the vet and the vet tech said that he was blocked.  So RJ's been at the vet since Monday morning.  The vet removed the blockage and inserted a catheter and put him on fluids. They ran some tests on him and some of the levels were higher than they should be but with some TLC from the vet staff, the vet seemed to be pleased with his progress.  I went to visit him Tuesday and today after work, so it was nice to see for myself what the progress was. 

On Tuesday, I brought in a t-shirt with my scent on it in case that would comfort him.  He also had a catheter in and a line for fluids and a cone of shame.  Today, he only had a line for fluids and he didn't have to wear a cone. He was much more affectionate.  That was better than the report that I got yesterday which was "He's been a little angry with us."  Apparently his behavior wasn't as bad as some other patients who have to be sedated because they get REALLY angry.  Poor guy.


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Awwww you're a good mommy!

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