Thursday, October 2, 2014

New Nails

Last night, while I was watching Law and Order: SVU, I decided to break out my newest Wet 'N Wild nail polish that I got last week in Under Your Spell.  I have to say that the first coat kinda freaked me out because it was so thin, but I was able to build up the opacity in 2 coats.  I went with 3 coats for the full effect.  It's a very dark burgundy red, perfect for fall (even though I'm still wearing flip flops).
I went to visit RJ at the animal hospital after work.  The vet did a culture on him and found E.coli in his system, a strain that is known to be resistant to some medications.  It's possible that when he went to the vet with a urinary issue in early September, the antibiotics prescribed by that vet didn't do the trick.  I thought the sticker on his name plate at the hospital was both funny and embarrassing at the same time.  The vet called earlier, "Well, he's a pretty happy cat.  Very affectionate as long as you don't touch his rear end."


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