Sunday, September 28, 2014

Boston Weekend

Julie and I headed to Boston for the weekend to support my cousin who's currently in dental school and would be having his white coat ceremony on Sunday. His parents live in Taiwan and my parents are currently in Taiwan on vacation.  Julie and I are kinda the third tier of supporters and of course, we didn't want him to feel sad that he didn't have any family around to celebrate with him.  Plus, Boston is only an hour flight so it was no big deal.

Saturday was pretty much left for travel, vegging, and eating.  My cousin had school work to do so we didn't see him until Sunday.  For dinner, we went to Royal Roast Beef & Seafood where I got some clam chowder and Julie got a steak and cheese.  I even put on my gym clothes on to get some steps in at the gym's treadmill.

On Sunday, Julie and I took a cab to the hotel that the ceremony was being held at.  We met up with my cousin who had a big smile on his face and gave the rundown of how his first month of school and Boston went. He's had some issues with IKEA furniture and getting his belongings delivered by FedEx, but he seemed to be in good spirits despite having lots of school work to do.

He went to go line up and Julie and I went to go sit down along with all the other students' family and friends.  There were some quick speeches from the professors and then it was time for the students to line up to get their white coats.  All 195 of them were individually called up and recognized.  Some students were coated by a family member, so it was cool to see that they were keeping up with the family legacy.  One student was coated by her husband and when they got their picture taken, they brought their two children up on stage.  It was so cute.
After the ceremony, we sat down with my cousin and two of his friends to eat lunch that was provided by the school/hotel.  We handed him his mail and some fun money, gave him a hug and then back to the hotel to change and head to the New England Aquarium before going home.  I felt like we had to do something quintessential to Boston before we went home!


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