Sunday, September 7, 2014

New Nail Polish Storage and Nails

After going to the spin class this morning, I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond, armed with a 20% off coupon. I wanted to get a shoe hanger to store my nail polish and free up a shelf in my bathroom. Now I can hide my slight nail polish addiction, ha ha.
Robyn and Julie came over last night to make some dumplings for dinner. I had a plate of leftovers that I wanted to eat for lunch and dinner tonight, but I accidentally dropped the plate of them after I got home from the gym. Well there goes that idea! Fortunately, I bought extra ground beef and had almost all the ingredients that I needed (except ginger), so I made another batch for myself tonight.

While watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey tonight, I painted my nails with CoverGirl's nail polish in Grapevine.


Anonymous said...

Good idea for the nail polishs...hahaha...hiding your addiction!! Those shoe hangers are good for punches too. I have often thought about getting one but don't know where I would hang it in the basement....there is not door.

Do you ever get duplicates of colors....I just did....yikes. No my nails are in a bad state, chipping and breaking so I have to leave the polish off. Maybe I am lacking some vitamin or something.

Anonymous said...

* there is no door.
*Now my nails are in a bad state,

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