Friday, September 19, 2014

Tahoe, Day 1 and 2

Day 1: Since our flight didn't leave DCA until after lunch, Robyn and I were able to get some work done in the morning before heading to the airport separately.  The flight to Denver and then to Reno were uneventful.  

That was until I got an email from Steph's fiance, Eric, saying that Route 50 might be closed because of the area forest fires and that we should go around the west side of Lake Tahoe (as opposed to the east side) to get to Aston Lakeland Village, where we were going to be staying. Uh oh.

Robyn went to get the rental car, while I went to get our bags.  When Robyn booked the rental car, she got a wildcard.  Not sure what that meant, but it sounded like it'd be fun.  The wildcard happened to be a Fiat 500.  I was a little worried that Robyn would be uncomfortable with a smaller car since she's almost 6' tall, but the car was surprisingly roomy on the inside. She asked the rental car lady about the detour and she gave us a map to show us how we could get to the resort.  
The drive to the resort was very...dark and a little scary and there was road work being done so we needed to stop periodically.  We finally rolled into the resort around midnight and got settled into our room.  There was a pull-out couch on the ground floor and a king bed in the loft.  I gave Robyn the king bed so that she could be more comfortable. We took out the pull out bed from the couch and there were popcorn crumbs on it.  Um, no.  I'll sleep on top of the couch, thanks!  It was the perfect size for me.
Day 2: Time to have some fun!  We headed out to look for some breakfast and fortunately, there was a place called Heidi's right next door. The interior decor was Heidi (as in the book) themed.  How cute!  I went with a lighter breakfast with oatmeal, and Robyn went with some pancakes. We also went to Safeway to get some breakfast food for the next couple of days and CVS to browse (ended up with toiletries and a pack of postcards).  

We went to check out the private beach that the resort had to offer and it was a beautiful view.
We also went to Bijou Community Park to get our Fitbit steps in.  This place had a dog agility park and had the setup for disc golf.  They also had a fitness course that we tried out.
After getting some exercise, we went to get some Indian food at Nikki's.  I had been thinking about it since this morning when we got breakfast since it was near Heidi's.  We got butter chicken, butter lamb, some sort of fried vegetable dish, samosas and naan.  Yum! 
The movie Pacific Rim was on tv. It was surprisingly good. I didn't recognize Charlie Hunnam because I'm used to seeing him on tv with facial hair on Sons of Anarchy.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tina...I made the fried dumplings........using the recipe you gave me....Oh yum, I am doing that again, I sort of over dosed and did not know when to stop eating them. Husband liked them too....winning!!! So yeah, I will be making them again. I used Bok choy instead of napa cabbage, think next time I will add some noodles......Never made potstickers before, but I sure will again!!!! Thanks for the recipe.

Your trip looks like fun, is it a business one or just vacation time...enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

I should have added...check out my blog, I took some pictures and will talk about them in the next few days. Thanks again for the recipe.

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