Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tahoe, Day 5 and 6: the Long Trip Home

Getting home from Tahoe was quite an ordeal! 

1. Drive from Tahoe to Reno airport (this was actually the easiest part of the trip because the road was flat and there was no risk of falling over the cliff).

2. When we got to the airport, Robyn had to check her bag and the ticket agent said that there was an air traffic delay at San Francisco, which would cause us to miss our connecting flight.  I guess our plane was coming in from SFO and it was delayed over there.  The agent took 30 minutes to figure out how to get us home to DCA and then she realized that the delay was magically lifted.  Whew, ok!

3. We went through security which was not too bad.  The family behind us was talking about Social Security and Wisconsin so Robyn talked to them.  I noticed that the guy in front of me had a bunch of Ironman gear on, so I asked him how his race went. Unfortunately, they cancelled it because of the fires.  What a bummer!

4. We got to the gate and were excited to be heading home...until I got a text message saying that the flight to SFO was back to being delayed and we would miss out connecting flight.  You could tell that others in the gate area got the same text message because we started lining up at the counter.  I pulled out my phone to call United and Robyn stayed in line. Yay, team work. I was able to get a hold of the United agent on the phone and there were no options of getting home to DCA that night.  We could take a red eye or get into Dulles at 2 AM.  Ugh, neither one of those options were good, but we went with the 2 AM arrival time one.  At least we would be close to home.  The red eye would mean a lot of time wasted just sitting around, waiting for the flight.

5. We got to SFO and then it was off to Dulles.  Fortunately, because of the crappy arrival time, it wasn't a full flight.  Both Robyn and I got rows to ourselves.  We got to Dulles and then we road a taxi to Robyn's apartment which was close to DCA.  I camped out on her couch and then left first thing in the morning to hop on the Metro to get home to my place.  I think I rolled into the house around 8 AM.  Whew!

I multi-tasked by doing some laundry, showering, unpacking and answering emails.  Around 3:30 PM, I headed to the office to give my computer to IT because they wanted to switch it with a new one and I also wanted to catch up with folks before going to Surili's happy hour at 8407 Kitchen Bar.  I had a cocktail called Birds and Bees, which was tasty.

I didn't stay very long because I was so tired from travelings, so I went home and bummed around until it was time for the season premiere of NCIS :D

It's good to be home...well, until Saturday when my sister and I go to Boston for my cousin's white coat ceremony.


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