Saturday, September 13, 2014

Yard Sale Find and Captain America 2

My coworker sent me an email earlier this week, letting me know about a yard sale that was happening this weekend.  I went there this morning, but only found a Sterilite container for $1 that I though I could use for my craft room.  I went to the mall afterwards to browse when I got an email from that same coworker.  She was asking if I had gone to the yard sale yet and that there were good finds there.  She ended up with a scarf and a purse and something else.  She said that she thought one of the dresses would look great on me.  I didn't want to add anything more to my closet since I bought several dresses over the summer.

I spent much of my afternoon doing some organizing of my craft room.  Yay!
Tonight, I watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier and it was so good.  I thought it was better than the first one (how rare it is that a sequel is better than the original??) and there were instances where my mouth fell open with shock.  I enjoyed it more than Divergent, which I watched last night.  I returned the movie and because I had another coupon code for $1 off a rental, I rented Spider-Man 2 to watch tomorrow.  Lots of movie watching this weekend! :D


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