Monday, September 1, 2014

A Cleaning and Card-Filled Monday

Hooray for a day off!  I took the opportunity to do a lot of cleaning: washed a load of towels, cleaned the bathroom sink, cleaned the kitchen including scrubbing down the sink and inside the fridge, and vacuumed.  I also made 2 cards that Julie requested as well as a wedding card for my cousin.
I went over to my parents' house for dinner (steak and grilled vegetables).  Julie gave me an almost full bar of chocolate.  I stopped by my aunt/uncle's house on the way home and they gave me a full bar of chocolate too.  Is there something that's coming up this week that requires chocolate as a destresser?  I hope not!

RJ seems to be doing better.  At least the puddles of pee are getting bigger.  The vet recommended that he get some wet food in his diet and of course, he was so excited about that since right now, I feed him weight control food which probably tastes like cardboard (even though he's always excited to see his food when the automatic feeder turns).


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