Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tahoe, Day 3: Emerald Bay and Steph's Wedding

I was looking at the Google Maps app to see what there was to do around the area that we were staying in. I pulled up this thing called Emerald Bay. Hm, it looked familiar and then I realized that it was on one of the postcards that we bought at CVS the day before. It was going to be a 30 minute drive. Perfect!

The drive there was a little scary.  It wasn't too bad in the dark, but in the daylight you could see that some places on the road had no guardrail and there was no protection between you and the edge of the cliff.  Robyn kept her concentration on the road (thankfully, since she was driving) and I was trying to concentrate on not looking down.  There were some cyclists that we had to share the road with too.  That must take a lot of self-confidence and faith in the drivers that you're not going to fall over into the abyss!

After we parked the car, we took in the scenery and it was tough to imagine that we could walk down to the Bay since it seemed like such a far way down. We took the 1 mile trail down to the water and wow, how beautiful! :)
We headed back so that we could relax at the resort before having to get ready for Steph's wedding.  The invitation said that we had to plan to take the gondala up to the Heavenly Resort for the wedding ceremony and reception.  The Food Network helped us pass the time.

I chose to wear a new dress that I bought at JCPenney this past summer.  I was planning to wear my hair up in two rope braids, but when I looked in the mirror, I could see the discoloration left behind from the shingles and while normally, I wouldn't care who saw it if I was at home or at the office, I was going to a wedding where the majority of folks don't know what my situation was. I didn't want to get any weird stairs.  Fortunately, I learned how to curl my hair using the flat iron.  Yay!

Robyn and I drove up to the gondala area at the base of the mountain.  Steph's aunt was behind us in line so we chatted with them.  The gondala ride up the mountain was beautiful and once we got to the top, we were seated for the ceremony. Not too long after everyone sat down, it started to sprinkle.  They made an executive decision to move everyone inside and that was a good decision because it started to pour right after we all got inside. The pink paper parasol that we got as a wedding favor wouldn't have held up.

The ceremony was short and sweet and then we moved into the cocktail hour before dinner.  One of the friends was asked to show off his yo-yo skills.  Another friend was asked to show off his Rubik's cube solving skills.  Steph and other musicians played "Marry You" which was cool.

Dinner was a buffet (mac and cheese, sea bass, vegetables and a carving station).  Then there were toasts from the father of the bride, father of the groom, best man, and one of the bridesmaids.  While all this stuff was going on, we could help ourselves to the shaved ice station (this was in place of wedding cake) and the photo booth.  The couple had a cake for the cake cutting ceremony, and that cake was cut up for the guests, but by the end of the night, I thought I had eaten too much already.  Then it was time to dance the calories away.  I spent most of that time catching up with Steph's family since the last time I saw them was Christmas time. My feet hurting was a sign that it was time to head back.  We drove Steph's aunt and uncle back to the resort since we were all going to the same place.
Me with the bride
Me with Steph's parents and brother
Green tea shaved ice, the bouquet that was made by the bride's aunt (made all from paper!), and the welcome table


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