Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Trip to the Doctor

I woke up on Monday with a rash on my neck.  What is going on?  I hadn't changed my routine at all so it was a mystery to me.

I went to the office on Tuesday and my boss happened to be in town.  "So how's it going?"  I debated on whether or not to say something to her.  "Um...okay."  She could tell something was up, so I found my words.  "Ok, I'm going to tell you this as a mom and not as my boss.  I have a rash on my neck."  She encouraged me to get it checked out. 

I went to the dermatologist this afternoon and they diagnosed me with shingles.

I blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

"Isn't this something that happens only to old people!?"

Apparently not. 

Work has been really stressful lately, but it's more of a personnel issue rather than my workload.  I wish it was a workload issue because if that was the case, I could just dig in and get stuff done.  However, with personnel issues, it's not something that can be easily smoothed over.

I went to the pharmacy and they didn't have what I needed, but at least I can go back tomorrow to pick up my medication.


On the flip side, the pain isn't too bad.  The rash just looks "fugly" (yes, a Mean Girls reference...).  And I'm thankful that my boss was understanding when I told her what was going on.  I think time away from the office will be nice.

I'm really hoping these are magic pills that I'm taking because I want to have this rash contained before my sister and I head off to Vancouver next week.


June K said...

I'm sorry to hear about your shingles, Tina. I've had shingles also and I said the same thing when the doctor walked in the door and took one look at my face and said "you have shingles." "What, isn't that for old people?" is what I asked. I was older than you but definitely not old. I hope your medication kicks in quickly. ARe you having nerve pain? My rash was not that bad but the nerve headaches were what was the worst. And even my scalp was sensitive due to the nerve pain.

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