Saturday, August 9, 2014

Crafty Haul

To reward myself for getting an "exceeded expectations" rating at work for the past year's worth of work (and getting a raise!), I went shopping today.  I didn't see anything makeup related that I really wanted (shocking, I know), but I did see some things at Joann's that I wanted.  They were having a 30% off die cutting supplies special and I also had a $5 off $25 purchase competitor's coupon.  I bought some hexagon, flag and leaf dies and a canvas for a project that I'll be working on for a friend.  Score!

I met up with my friends Meg and Robyn for dinner.  There was a lot to catch up on since the last time the 3 of us saw each other in person was in June.  We went to Piola and enjoyed some Italian food and of course, our favorite red wine sangria. :)


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the raise!!! Will be fun to see what you make with your new purchases. Thanks for the link to the pumpkin, good one for Fall!! Louise commenting here.

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