Monday, August 25, 2014

Vancouver, Day 5

Aw, man.  The last day of vacation!  :(

Oh well, we gotta make the best of it.

Since our flight wasn't until 7:30 PM, we had some time to goof off before heading to the airport.  We decided to take the train to Science World.  This place was a lot of fun because you could touch and interact with many of the exhibits.  For example, there was a section just of jigsaw puzzles and ones that you had to think things through.  There was one where you had 4 Ts and you had to fit it in a square and then you had to see if the same 4 Ts would fit in smaller square.  Julie was really struggling with that one.  Several of the volunteers came to help, but none of them knew the answer.  One of them offered to get the answer key.  Yes, please! 

There was an exhibit about animals, one about the human body, one about sports, and one about energy.  Very cool stuff.
A giant hamster wheel for humans.
Yay, kitties!
We were there for about 3 hours until it was time to head back to the hotel, grab our stuff and get back on the train.  And wait and wait and wait for our flight.


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