Thursday, August 28, 2014

Atlanta, Day 1

On the road again...but this time for work and not for fun.

So many things went wrong this morning while I was trying to get to the airport. :P

a. My iPhone turned off sometime during the night so I didn't have an alarm to wake me up.  I had it set for 4 AM, but I ended up waking up at 6 AM.  Good thing I had packed many of my things the night before and I had set out the clothes I was going to wear.

b. When I transferred Metro stations, I wasn't looking closely at which train I went on, so I had to backtrack one step.

c. When I got to the airport, my Metro card didn't work and the station manager showed me that it was because my card was cracked and broken.

I was smart in checking into my flight last night so I could go directly to security.  I made it to my gate as people were boarding.  Whew!

In the rush to get out, I realize that I forgot my toothbrush and worse, my Fitbit.  :(

I went to the meeting site directly from the airport and sat in the café with my chicken tenders and fries while I killed time before the meeting. Yay for free Wi-Fi!  The pre-meeting meeting was very productive and I think it was a good decision to get our ducks in a row before talking to the larger group tomorrow.

At least the day ended on a good note with a trip to Violette, a French restaurant in Atlanta. I had the Bouchée à la Reine (Puff pastry filled with chicken breast, topped with creamy herb- mushroom sauce).  Yum!  I knew that it'd be delicious because that's what I got when I was in Atlanta last August.  What's interesting is that the presentation of it looked totally different from last time.  Equally delicious though!
After dinner, my boss drove me and a colleague to a nearby Target.  This was a blessing because I needed a toothbrush.  I suppose I could have gotten one from the hotel front desk, but I wanted something of higher quality.


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