Saturday, August 23, 2014

Vancouver, Day 3

Volunteer Activity #6 of 2014: Today was about collecting donations at the Supernatural Convention that was held in Vancouver.  The organization that Julie volunteers for had a table in the vendors sections so I helped her man the table.  Meh, that's pretty easy.  Collect donations, smile, be nice to's not unlike any booth that I would do for work or crafting.  People were very generous with the donations they were handing over to benefit the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre.

Aside from doing good today, it was also a good people watching event.  Wow, these fans are...passionate.  There was a bunch of cosplaying people.  There were people that had Supernatural related tattoos.  I mean, whoa.  And it was really surprising to me to see how much money these fans would be willing to shell out for a convention, photo op, autograph, etc.  I love my TV shows, but I wouldn't be willing to pay hundreds of dollars to go to something like this.
Dinner was pretty low key tonight with me eating leftovers and Julie getting a salad from a local grocery store.  By the time we left the convention, many things were closing down and we were TIRED.  Even the Asian market that we went to yesterday, the hot food selection was different and much more expensive.  No, thanks.  We're on a budget!


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