Saturday, October 2, 2010

Crafty Bastards

I got to spin this morning, and the front desk guy (no, not "cute front desk guy," unfortunately) asked me for my name because he wanted to see if I was on the reservations list. Um, nope. Apparently there was quite a list. I noticed that the clock said 8:25 AM, and the rule is that if you made a reservation, you had to be on your bike by 8:25 because all open bikes after that are free to anyone. HAH, sweet, I got one! I saw that 2 people walked in exactly at 8:30 AM and didn't get a bike. A part of me felt guilty that I took a reserved bike, but then again, after 8:25, it's no longer reserved.

Right after spin, I whipped by 3 yard sales in my neighborhood, but didn't find anything that I wanted.

After taking a quick shower, packing up orders for the Post Office, and eating breakfast, I headed out to Crafty Bastards. Wow, what an event! There were so many people there, just like last year. Sometimes I kinda had to elbow my way through the crowd. I'm glad that I took my camera with me to capture all the cool things that I saw.
Left: Crafty Bastards balloon. They had many tied up and floating around.
Right: The CROWD. I don't really think this picture does the event justice. It was amazing to see so many people support local (and not local) artists and their handmade goodies.
Some funny clothing for the little ones.
Left: The text says "My dad made my mom a mixed tape and all they got was me." Does anyone make mixed tapes anymore? It sounds rather outdated, but it made me smile anyway.
Right: The text says "Product of an Internet turned IRL relationship." I thought the juxtaposition of this shirt to the ones on the left was funny. I think IRL = in real life.
Left and right: T-shirts for adults. There were a lot that I liked in the shop on the right (Gnome Enterprises).
Plushie things!
Left: The owls totally got my attention, but then I saw the cute narwal and squirrel. I would have gotten the narwal, but he was too expensive. :(
Right: Plush toast?! Ha ha ha.
For you bookworms...
Left: Coasters made from vintage children books. From Overdue Industries.
Right: Purses made from classic books. From Rebound Designs.
For dog fans...
Left: Dog bags from bubbledog.
Right: Real life dog that fits in your bag! How cute! I had to take this picture covertly as to not be too creepy.

I saw some impressive breakdancing going on at this craft fair. Artistic talent in a different way. Oh, and by the way, I bought some cute things, but they are presents and I don't want to ruin the surprise by writing about them on my blog. Sorry! :)

Song of the day: "If I Had You" - Adam Lambert.


ModredVintage said...

That looks like a lot of fun, the narwhale is very cute. I had to laugh that you had the sneak the picture of the dog. I don't blame you, better to be sneaky.

Moonangelnay Photography said...

lol i love the name! what a fab show!

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