Friday, October 1, 2010

Experimenting With CraftCult

Wow. Today's weather was very much improved. Thank you, weather gods, for the sunny/blue skies and light breeze. Keep it up, please? At least for the weekend.

I had good intentions of going for a 2.6 mile run like I did last Friday, but after the usual loop, I develop a side stitch and decided that 1.7 was enough for today. I can definitely try again tomorrow or Sunday. If I can do it once, I can do it again, right?

I did an experiment with investing in a week-long ad on CraftCult, the type where you pick an item to go on the top of the page. I picked my origami panda card as the item to be featured and run the ad for 7 days. I ended up with 8 shop hearts. The panda card got a few hearts and eventually sold. Perhaps those stats might help you in your decision on whether or not to advertise with CraftCult (the people that run it are super nice and I think their prices are totally reasonable). I think it would have been nice to find out if it sold because the person found me on CraftCult or some other means. In any event, it sold, and I'm happy that I started the month with a sale. Now if the buyer could get back to me about what address to send it to, since the Etsy and PayPal addresses don't match. I shouldn't assume which address to send it to...because we all know what assuming leads to.


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