Saturday, April 5, 2014

Busy Bee Saturday

NY & Company, Part 2: So, yesterday, I didn't get the clothes that I tried on because they wouldn't let me use the "Get $20 off $50" because everything that I was getting was more than 30% off.  Well, the shopping gods must have sensed my sadness because I got an "Get an extra 20% off" coupon this morning so I went back to the store (another one from the one that I went to on Friday night) and got 2 tops, 2 dresses, and a suit jacket for the upcoming Annual Meeting.  Yay!

New Phone: I met Dad at the Verizon store to upgrade my phone.  Hello, iPhone 5S.  Geeze, this thing is so smart with the fingerprint sensor and Siri.  Coming from a iPhone 4, this is a nice upgrade!
Cards: My goal for the afternoon was to finish the anniversary card part of the office order.  I had about 11 cards out of 28 left to go and I was able to check that off the list.  38 birthday cards to go.

Dinner and a movie: Julie, Meg, and Robyn came over for dinner.  Mmm, Italian from Pacci's and Frozen.  And oh yes, the movie was just as good as everyone was saying it was.  I'll be lipsyncing the songs for the next few days...for sure.  Well, aside from "Let It Go."

Meg brought yellow birthday cake Oreos to movie night...they were all gone when everyone left at the end of night.


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