Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Phone Case

The lady at the Verizon store last Saturday said that I could turn in my old iPhone 4 for a new phone case for my iPhone 5S.  A free phone case?  Yes, please!  I had my sights set on a red or hot pink one, but I couldn't get it right then because I hadn't backed it up yet.

I backed up my phone tonight and went back to the store to get my case.  I thought it was going to be a quick trip, but no, I waited an HOUR.  They should have an express lane like they do at the grocery store.  A sales associate put me in the queue when I walked in and told him what I was there for.  Then I walked around, checking out all the phones, even though I did that when I was there on Saturday.  By the time a sales associate checked on me, I had been waiting for 49 minutes.  I'm going to get a new case, darn it.  Finally, someone came to help me out.  "What are you here for?"  "I'm here for a new phone case.  I was told I could get one if I turned in my old phone." He was shocked.  "You waited an hour for a phone case."  Yep.  I tried my best not to look annoyed, but I think anyone would understand that an hour is a little long to wait, especially when I told the first sales associate what I was here for.  He profusely apologized and got me what I needed.  I even had a quick conversation with the manager, expressing the dissatisfaction with the customer service and the wait.  He also apologized profusely.

At least I got my phone case!

Back in January, the staff at work got a $10 gift card to Sweetgreen, a nearby salad place.  I decided to use mine today to get some lunch.  I walked there without my wallet, thinking that $10 would be enough to cover lunch, but it turns out that the District Cobb salad that I wanted to get was $11.50. Whoops.  Fortunately, the office isn't too far away so I went back up to get my wallet and paid the remaining balance for my salad.  It was delicious and was enough for 2 meals, but I don't think I'd buy it full price.  $11.50 is too much for a salad when you can easily make one on your own...


cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Customer Service sure can be shabby in some places and it makes all the difference if I will return to that place again. You have a great amount of patience to wait an hour....they should have given you a bonus, like maybe 2 phone cases!!!!

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