Friday, April 4, 2014

Empties #2

I was so happy to be able to make it to spin class this morning.  Get those endorphins going!

Those came in handy later because after I got home and showered, feeling mellow and was prepared to ease into my easy teleworking Friday, I get this email from my boss's boss with capital letters...URGENT.  Oh, great.  The executive director needed some slides from each program about recent accomplishments.  My boss is current out of the office on vacation, so my boss's boss delegated the task to me and my coworker, naming me as the lead on this assignment.  I noticed that my coworker was at yoga, so I got started.  This was tricky because we were only allowed 3 slides and they were due by Monday at noon.  I took bits and pieces from recent reports and program reviews.  My coworker was able to get her bullets together after yoga and by 4 PM, I sent the slides off for review and they were approved.  Whew.  YIKES.  I hope my boss knows that yes, we can hold down the fort while she's gone.

Earlier tonight, I went to New York & Company to check out the clothes that I liked from yesterday's window shopping trip.  I tried some things on and went to pay.  The guy rang me up, and when it was time to give him the coupon, he said that I couldn't use it. o_0 What?  Why not?  "You can't use the coupon because everything that you bought was already 50% off.  You can't use it on things that are more than 30% off.  It says so on the back on the coupon."  Crap.  Sorry, no thanks.

Sheesh, I don't remember that stipulation before.

Oh well.  I saved some money for a rainy day...or for another good deal.

  • Morning Burst Moisturizer from Clean & Clear: I got this sample size with my face wash.  The scent is nice, but I would have liked it more if it included SPF.
  • Redken shampoo: smelled and felt nicely tingly, but for $10 or whatever I paid at Ulta, I don't think it helped with hair thickening like the salon lady said it would.  I'm back to my Dove and Head and Shoulders shampoo. Drugstore all the way.
  • The Body Shop Coconut body wash: it smelled nice, but like the shampoo, I'm not going to spend more than I have to on soap.
  • Maybelline Master Drama Eyeliner in Midnight Master: Love it.  I'll be repurchasing it once I work through some other black eyeliners


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