Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hello, Fitbit

This past weekend, Robyn shared that she had been using a Fitbit to track her activity and log her food intake since January and already lost about 13 pounds (yay for her!).  I had wondered if she was losing some weight because I could tell something was different when Julie and I went to eat Mexican a few weeks ago.  She showed me how the information was recorded on the iPhone app and also on the little device.


I was feeling inspired by her success and after reading reviews online, I was sold.  I also got my Maryland tax refund, so that helped too.  I ordered it online from Target and picked it up after going to spin last night.  Wow, I'm impressed how smart this tiny thing is!  It even tracks my sleep!

Robyn said that the Fitbit tracks spinning as steps, so that's how I was able to get to over 11,000 steps today. :D

Logging in my food and seeing how many calories I am allotted for the rest of the day is a little depressing though...


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