Saturday, February 14, 2015

Celebrating My Birthday Early

A few days ago, Meg sent me and Robyn a text message asking when we were going to celebrate my birthday.

Oh yeah.  My birthday.

It kinda snuck up on me!  We arranged to meet up at my house for dinner and cake and presents today since next Saturday, I have a family dinner and the Saturday after that, Meg and I are headed to San Diego.  I asked them to make some of my favorite dishes that I know they can make: Robyn- broccoli salad and Meg- meatloaf.  Meg texted later today saying that the ground beef that she bought for the meatloaf had spoiled.  Yikes!  Ok, I'd much rather have a Plan B dinner than us all getting sick from spoiled meat.  We ended up getting some food from Pacci's instead.  The chocolate cheesecake turned out to be a big success and perfect for the chocolate lover in me.  I'm glad that both of them had some to take home and I have some leftovers for my family as well.
Robyn got me baking themed present with some cookie cutters, cookie stampers, sprinkles, and a cakelette pan. Meg got me an assortment of goodies: candy, cute socks, nail polish, lip balm, and a Starbucks gift card. Yay! :)
I was able to hit 10,000 steps every day this week, second week in a row! :)


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