Friday, February 6, 2015

Chocolate Peanut Butter Mug Cake

I made it to 4 spin classes this week, which is better than the twice a week routine in recent previous weeks.  I went to the mall this afternoon to get in the rest of my steps (Costco for some fruit, Giant for additional groceries, and Victoria's Secret to use a birthday month coupon).

I was tempted to buy some limited edition Red Velvet Oreos at Giant, but I knew my self control would have been limited.  Robyn texted me and Meg last night to give them a thumbs up.  I went by the bakery section and almost bought some pie.  No no no.  I'm trying to be good.  Maybe there's something I could make at home that I wouldn't be tempted to eat a large quantity of.  I've been searching for a good chocolate mug cake, and I've tried 2 recipes already (first one, second one). However, I would say that the one that I tried today surpassed those two. I liked that the serving size was large and it was less dry than the other recipes. Good thing I went to spin class this morning!


Anonymous said...

Yum....need to try this tonight for the husband. I actually found a recipe yesterday and was going to try it, but I think your's sounds better.

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