Sunday, February 8, 2015

Recipe #4 of 2015

Ok, so I didn't make it to both spin classes today, but I did make it to the 1-hour one and then walked a mile on the treadmill afterwards.  Then I went to get some ingredients for this spinach lasagna roll recipe that I found online.  The directions say to chop the spinach.  Yeahumno.  I did that for a little bit and then decided to take out my food processor.  A few pushes of a button and everything's chopped!  This dish was very easy and simple to put together.  I didn't have any Asiago cheese, so I omitted that in mine, and I also added baby bella mushrooms because they were on sale.  I ate 2 rolls when it came out of the oven and they were delicious!  I would totally make this again.
I sent Julie this picture and asked if she was interested in some.  She said that it looked like a pile of tomato sauce.  :P  Ok, ok.  I promise it tastes much better than what the picture is showing.  Sheesh, everyone's a critic.  She came over to eat some for dinner and then took 2 rolls with her, so I guess it was a hit! :)


Biz said...

I use my food processor for so much, I'd be lost without it. Looks delish!

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