Saturday, February 28, 2015

San Diego, Day 1: Travel Mess

Yikes, what an adventure it was to get to San Diego today.  Dad and I headed to the airport so that I could meet Meg at the ticketing counter at 5:30 AM.  Early start!  Because it was so early, we hung out in the gate area for 2 hours.  Then the gate agent said that there was a weather delay in Dallas (snow/ice) and they weren't letting anyone in or out of Dallas.  Then the weather delay got cancelled, but enough time had elapsed that we missed our connecting flight to San Diego. 

We finally got to Dallas and sure enough, there was snow on the ground.  Texas gets snow?  I didn't know such a thing was possible!  We went to look at the departure boards and lots of flights were cancelled, including many to San Diego.  Uh oh.  We were able to get on the 6 PM flight out to San Diego, but it was 1:30ish PM when we landed in Dallas which meant lots of time hanging out at the Dallas airport today!  Meg read on her Kindle and I put on a podcast and walked around the airport to get my Fitbit steps in.  One of the benefits of traveling with a friend = no need to carry around stuff with you at all times.

Finally, we got to San Diego and got our bags.  Next step was to wait for the rental car bus to take us to the rental car place.  We waited for 45 minutes and it never came.  Meg was on the phone, trying get a hold of them.  I looked up reviews of the place and it didn't get good reviews so a part of me was not surprised that a bus didn't show up.  We ended up catching the hotel shuttle, eating a late dinner (I got sliders) and calling it a night.  BLAH.  Hey, at least we're here.

Oh, and I wanted to go to San Diego to escape the cold DC weather.  And all I got was snow in Dallas and rain in San Diego. Ok, well, we'll make the best of it!


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