Wednesday, February 25, 2015

RJ the Mischievous Guest

Because of my upcoming trip to San Diego, I dropped RJ off at my parents' house tonight.  He wasn't even there for 30 minutes before he started to get into mischief.  He went to the basement and found where Mom was keeping the cat food for Harry the Homeless Cat.  He promptly chewed a hole in the paper bag and then when Mom put it in a plastic bag, thinking it would fool him, he chewed through that one too.  She had to put the bag in a plastic container to keep him out. 

There were 2 servings left of the beef noodle soup that Mom made for my birthday last week, so while I was there, I ate that for dinner and Mom had the other share. RJ got a few nibbles of beef that Mom gave him.  I'm looking forward to not having him wake me up for breakfast for the next few days!


June K said...

RJ is just making himself right at home, isn't he? :)

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