Sunday, February 1, 2015

Recipe #3 of 2015

After a 1-hour spin class this morning, I did some grocery shopping to ingredients for aloo matar (Recipe #3 of 2015), an Indian pea and potato stew, so that I'd have something to eat for this upcoming week. I liked that people added some extra tips in the reviews: use 3 potatoes instead of 4 and use 2 cups of peas instead of 1. I also used tomato paste instead of tomato puree and 1 tablespoon of garam masala instead of 1.5 teaspoons. I'm currently eating some over rice as I watch the Super Bowl.  It's good, but I'm not sure that this will be a frequent repeat recipe.
P.S. People boo-ing during the national anthem- shame on you.  I don't think they were boo-ing Idina Menzel...I think it was when the New England Patriots coach showed up on the Jumbotron, but couldn't you have put that whole deflategate scandal aside for the duration of the song?  Sheesh.


Anonymous said...

I am sure glad the Patriots won...Only because the SeaHawks beat my Packers...we were so close. That football deal sure was a mess. What the news media won't do for news, they made such a big deal over it...honestly!! I heard that booing and wondered why they booed.....yeah bad timing. I can send you the Mexican Meatball Soup recipe that I got's really good. Today I added macaroni to the soup today plus a little hot sauce too. I think I got my recipe from

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