Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Homemade Sweetgreen Salad

OPM closed the government today, but since I had my work computer at home, I was a good worker bee and did some work today.

There's a Sweetgreen salad place near my office, and I really love their Avocabbo salad, but the downside is that it costs a little over $12 after tax.  Ugh, $12 for a salad?  Julie was like "Is there anything special in the salad?"  Um, no.  "Then can't you make it yourself?"  Um, yes.

So I got all the ingredients for the salad over the weekend and yep, tastes just about the same and I made $12 go further with the homemade version. Go me, I guess.


Linda said...

Tina, Would you be willing to post your recipe? I just love kale!

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