Saturday, May 1, 2010

Stimulating the Economy

This morning started with going to spin class (yay). I dunno if I'll go to spin class tomorrow morning because I noticed that the instructor that's teaching tomorrow isn't someone that I'm a huge fan of. However, I'd like to get a workout in because of a MPH girls potluck tomorrow afternoon. I foresee lots of eating and chatting. My contribution is some pasta salad (see photo). I was going to make a casserole, but couldn't think of anything that would be a good compliment to the pizza that's going to be served.

After spin class, I spent most of the afternoon stimulating the economy aka shopping, but nothing that involved going to a craft store (shocking, I know). I got new shoes for work (to replace the ones where the heel is complete worn down to the nail), new hoop earrings (to replace ones that I broke a while ago) and moisture-wicking workout clothes (because working out with cotton t-shirts is uncomfortable). I resisted the urge to buy a discounted scrapbook paper pack and bubble tea. ::pats self on the back::

Observations during my afternoon:
  • Little girl at DSW- "Ooo, Mommy. I LOOVE these sandals." Ah, I see a future shoe addict. Welcome to the dark side.
  • A woman at Macy's was trying on pierced ear earrings. I thought it was unsanitary and very briefly thought of saying something to her, but I thought that it was possible that she bought those earrings and if she didn't, if someone bought the earrings, she should clean those earrings before wearing anyway, right?
Not feeling particularly crafty tonight...maybe I'll put a movie on or read Harry Potter 7.


TMCPhoto said...

Sounds like a good day, but you shouldn't have passed on the discounted scrapbook paper :P I'm with you on the earring lady, I'd have been grossed out too but I probably wouldn't have said anything

customdesigns4ubynan said...

what time is dinner? Your pasta salad looks delicious, and I like pizza...

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