Monday, November 7, 2011

Blue Nails

Hello, blog post #600! :)

RJ: I don't think anyone told RJ about the concept of Daylight Savings Time. He walked over to the automatic feeder yesterday around 3 PM expecting the feeder to turn. I guess his internal clock was still on 4 PM. Sorry, buddy.

On another RJ point, I dunno why I bother washing my sheets. I tossed them in the washer last night because I could probably build a fur coat from all the hair on them. And of course, it's all magically came back over night. I try not to think about where those paws have been. Sigh. I guess I have a hard time setting boundaries with him. Hopefully, if I have human children, I will be better about laying down the law.

Shopping: I took a break at lunch time to look for a birthday present for Robyn. I went into Ulta and found some things for her and of course, I tossed a few things on clearance for myself, specifically 2 shades of blue nail polish. I feel very Katy Perry-ish. And, heck, yes, I'm wearing this to work tomorrow. I'm currently wearing China Glaze in Blue Iguana. The other shade of blue is Aqua Baby.
At the office: I got the news today that the young lady that we interviewed a few weeks ago for the new position has accepted our offer. She'll start in early December and will probably be my new office roommate. This should be interesting.


Gosh, that sounds like I'm unfriendly or something. I guess I've just gotten used to having the space to myself. And the other desk, I still consider as Morgan's desk even though he no longer works for the organization, but I have a hard time thinking that that seat's going to be someone else's. Maybe I have some territorial tendencies. Or that I'm apprehensive about change. Nope, it's definitely both. Heh.


Jen W. said...

Definitely very Katy Perry nails. :) And I think I'd not be thrilled to go back to sharing an office either. Hope the new chick is cool!

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