Thursday, November 10, 2011

Unexpected Craft Fair Development

I am so bummed! I got a message today from the craft show organizer that the craft show that Robyn and I were going to be in on Saturday has been postponed. She didn't specify a reason, just said that it was beyond her control (ooook). Talk about telling us at the very last minute! I was kinda hoping to make some money this weekend, but oh well, at least there's more time to make more cards and load up on my Etsy shop.

I tried a new recipe for my slow cooker: chicken stroganoff. I made a few changes to the recipe by not using as much cream cheese and adding carrots, spinach, and green peas to it.

I'm all card-ed out tonight (as I made 20 origami Christmas tree cards this afternoon), so I'm going to camp out on the couch and watch Private Practice instead. Here's a picture of RJ for the time being.


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