Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Food Surprises

Surprise #1: When I got to the office this morning, I saw that there were 2 pieces of chocolate on my desk, near my monitor. However, there was no note. I had no idea where the candy came from! Tips: when you give surprise gifts to people, leave a note so that a) the recipient can properly thank you and b) so that the receiver can actually eat the gift, if it's edible. As tempting as the chocolate was, I didn't think it was safe to eat it unless I knew who it came from, even though both pieces were wrapped.

Surprise #2: I opened up a container of hummus that I bought last night at the grocery store and there was a clump of mold in it! Gross. I went back to the grocery store before spin class and was able to exchange it, even though I didn't have my receipt.

Spinning: During class today, Janice was like, "I noticed that some of you have been losing weight. What is your secret?? Did you not have pie? Tinaaaa???" There must have been something wrong with her eye sight. I'm still burning off all the food that I ate that one meal!

With all this talk about exercise and trying to get food consumption under control, I asked the HR director if we were going to have a cookie exchange this year at the office. Why do I torture/sabotage myself?! UGH!

My card making mojo has sorta taken a vacation. Maybe I'm in a creative funk. I hope it comes back after the craft shows this weekend.


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