Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Yard Sale Luck

Yard sale: I went to a yard sale this afternoon and found 5 packs of Chatterbox scrapbooking paper (each pack had about 20 sheets of the same piece of paper) and a resistance band...everything for $2! I was so shocked to hear what the guy wanted for these items because the paper's at least $.50 per sheet and then the resistance band was originally $14.99 (it had a sticker on it). Woot!

RJ's new kitty friend: No, no. I didn't go to the humane society again and snatch up another kitty. RJ's new kitty friend is one that roams the neighborhood. I'm not sure who he belongs to because he doesn't wear a collar. The kitty is also very very shy, so I can't get close to it without it running away. :( I'm friendly, I promise! RJ was trying to communicate with this individual through the storm door, but alas, no such luck.


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